Eastbrook Boys Varsity Football

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Great Start To the “Second Season” (Sectional Rd 1 Video)

It’s interesting how the start of the football season and the start of the football tourney have similarities: * At the start of the season (and for most of it after that), a coach and a team are looking for chemistry. The questions are always being asked, “Who is best for our team in this

Momentum (Week 9 Football Video)

We’ve seen it on the race track, in the pool, in movies (think Breaking Away or, more recently, The Martian)…using the momentum one has to step outside the norm and create a slingshot effect to make a burst, a strategic move, a final push. This season, our Eastbrook Panther’s football team has had to make

Catching the Wave (Week 8 Video)

It’s an odd thing, using a surfing term while writing from the center of Indiana.  I’ll just say, it’s probably a good thing I did not grow up with 24/7 access to the water and the waves because I’d probably STILL be hitting the surf every morning, waiting to catch the right one, that perfect

Back On Track (Week 6 Video)

In the last article, I mentioned the hopes that the health of our Panther squad would be back to 100% at the same time the team peaked.  This week, against Oak Hill, we still saw a few of our team sidelined due to healing but we were able to witness some players step off the

Battle Scars and Growing Pains (Week 5 Video)

Let’s simply admit it at the top…losing hurts.  The next day, the bumps and bruises feel all that more painful.  And most of us spend a lot of time and energy avoiding pain.  But, ask a body builder – though having muscle is great, building muscle hurts.  Being a millionaire sounds really attractive but putting

Self-Discovery (Week 4 Video)

Adversity – at least one dictionary defines this as “distress, affliction, hardship.”  This past Friday night, Eastbrook Panther Football faced some adversity.  This was the first game of the season that the weather was a participant in a contest.  It was the first game where time was stopped to tend to a wounded Panther.  It

The Work Is Just Beginning (Week 3 Video)

When a football team starts the year 3-0 with a 161-20 scoring difference, it seems like it could be pretty easy to lie back and just let what’s working continue to work.  However, with this Eastbrook Panther team, the work is just beginning. Sure, there are reasons to celebrate the start of this year.  By

Knockin’ Off the Rust

We’ve heard it said you can shake off the dust. But rust? You can’t just wipe that away. You have to WORK to get rid of that stuff.  After weeks…months…of not playing together on the field, and after practicing for less than a month, trying to discover that new chemistry that comes with every new

Panthers Leave Knights in the Dark

On a day when a power outage forced an early dismissal from school, Andrew Barajas made the Norwell Knights look like they were tackling in the dark Friday night as the Panthers rolled to a 72-13 season opening win. The elusive Barajas scored 6 touchdowns while rushing for 159 yards on only 9 carries. In addition


The funny thing about being around a school, especially for teachers and coaches, is how quickly time flies, how fast the years rush by. A HUGE factor to this is, as much as things stay the same (same paint on the walls, same course topics, same weight room, etc…), they are always changing (recent freshmen are