Q:What paperwork does my student need to complete and when does it need to be completed?

A: Your student needs to have the following paperwork items completed BEFORE he/she can tryout/practice at the first practice (not including summer open fields/gyms). These forms can be found under the forms tab.

  •  A physical completed & signed by a doctor dated after 4/1 of the beginning school year
  • The online registration form (FINAL FORMS) completed (go to website, More tab, Athletic Registration – Instructions)
  • School Registration completed (Skyward)
  • Trainer Medical Release form – (Athletics Website, Forms tab,  Trainer Medical Release is at the bottom of the list)

Q: If I completed the Trainer Medical Release form last year do I have to do the whole thing over?

A: No,  All you need to do is log in and make sure all of the information is up to date, and fill in the Medical Insurance information.

Q: Does my junior high student need to have forms filled out?

A: Yes…same as above for any school sponsored Junior High sports

Q: Do my elementary age kids need to have forms filled out for the youth programs?

A: No…only the waiver involved with that specific sport/program. 6th graders participating in cross country, wrestling, or track will need to have the required forms above filled out.

Q: What are the athletic fees and how do I pay them?

A: Athletic fees include a packet (or clothing/equipment) fee and a transportation fee. The transportation fee is calculated at $5.00 per away trip. All fees can be paid online. Go to the fees tab. 

  • Transportation can be paid through E-Funds. Go to the Transportation Fees page
  • Packets fees will be paid through a website provided for the specific sport. Go to the Packet Fees page.

Q: How can I know my student’s game schedule?

A: Game schedules are located under each sport’s specific tab. Go to your student’s sport, then go to the Schedules & Rosters tab. This is our most up to date schedule.

Q: How do I know when a game has been changed or cancelled?

A: We do alerts on this website as soon as we make a decision about game changes. These alerts go out on Twitter and Facebook. You can follow them in order to get the most up to date info, or you can check the website on days when the weather is questionable. The Alerts show up right below the pictures on the main page.

Q: Do you have any family passes or season tickets?

A: Yes we do, go to the Season Ticket Info page under the Panther HQ tab.