Panthers News · Please Mask up at all times!

On Wednesday Oct 7th, Grant County changed its status from “yellow” to “orange” on the Indiana COVID-19 Dashboard.  The Dashboard is a tool used to help monitor how each county is doing in terms of positive cases, hospital admissions and ICU beds being filled.  Because of this increased status change, the Health Department has asked that we continue to enforce mask wearing and social distancing not only while in school but also at our social events.  If patrons do not follow the guidelines, it is possible the Health Department will no longer allow spectators at events.
With that being said, if you attend sporting or social events at Eastbrook, it is the expectation that everyone will wear a mask at all times.  Families who live together may sit together.  There needs to be 6 feet of distance between you and anyone who does not live in the home with you.  Please help us to keep spectators at our events by following the guidelines!