Panthers News · Meeting the Challenge, Relentlessly:


If you’re a “stats follower” or an “arm-chair season predictor” you may have looked at the schedule this year and thought, “Whoa, we’ve got three really tough games during our first four weeks of the season!” or thought, “The numbers for the Alex QB are really impressive… How are we going to respond?”


History is a great teacher and as we look back at the end of Week 4, we realize the 2019 Panthers DID have some tough contests during those first four weeks and we were really fortunate to be 2-2 at the end of that time.  The lessons that our coaching staff teaches these players is that all you can do is prepare, prepare, and prepare, and then allow your preparation and training dictate the turnout.


This past week, the Panthers pressured the Alexandria backfield as well as many of us have seen these past few seasons.  “Relentless” would be a good word to describe the attack.  These type of outings, combined with the seeds of strategy our coaches plant in our player’s minds, build on each other and Eastbrook again, deposited more confidence in itself (to be accessed during the upcoming ‘who-knows-how-many?’ weeks) and gave us all another glimpse of what a solid program looks like.


Tonight we head to Blackford for another step, another contest, another challenge.  Come on out and support this dedicated bunch as they continue to climb!