Panthers News · Flexing

Anyone who has ever worked out knows this feeling…you’ve spent weeks at the gym, not necessarily feeling anything other than soreness, until that sideways peek in the mirror and, “Wait, what is that?” – you see a muscle emerging from a spot you haven’t really seen a muscle before.  Immediately you try and flex that muscle to make sure it isn’t a knot or something and you realize positive change is happening.  That little bit of alteration and you are now encouraged to go back to the gym…no, you can’t wait until your next workout – to see if any other new muscles might show up and to test your own strength.

Well, this past Friday night, the 2019 Eastbrook Panthers started flexing a little.  They KNEW they had been disciplined.  They KNEW they had been following the plan given by their coaching staff.  And then…well…then they KNEW that these things have been, are, and will be paying off!  There were some harder hits, some bigger holes, some better reads – all because those muscles are starting to come out more.

Come on by to Eastbrook High School this Friday night for the last home game of the regular season.  Let’s send our Seniors off with the appreciation they deserve and let’s all celebrate the growth that has happened, knowing it has great potential to continue.