Wait a minute! Didn’t Eastbrook just come off of a victory over Mississinewa?!? How can anyone saying
it’s “starting to come together”?
I’m not taking anything away from a great win two weeks ago. Our Panthers looked like a team with a
mission. However, coming off of a “high” like that win, having Homecoming week, and THEN coming in
to play another rival could have been disastrous for a team. Yet, the 2019 Eastbrook Panthers shook off the fog, came out, and made yet another statement.
It’s always impressive how this coaching staff prepares the team then allows them to figure things out in the heat of the moment. Was everything perfect last Friday night? I don’t think anyone would say it
was. But the entire team, from those on the field to those on the sideline, figured out how to get it
done and, in doing so, proved to itself that even if things aren’t going perfectly, “trust the process” (as
AD Kyle said at a football dinner a couple of weeks ago).
This week we travel to Frankton to take on another conference foe who has shown they are not to be
overlooked. Come on down and bring those cowbells!

Take a look at this week’s video.