Yes, this article title sounds a little “preachy” – old fashioned, even. However, if you split the 2019 season in half, you can’t help but see the benefits of the first half impacting the second half (at least the
second half, this far).
I’m not going to rehash what the first half was like but want to point out the lessons that were learned then have served to prepare our Panthers for the past two games. Yes, playing at home two weeks in a
row helps (three, counting Homecoming this Friday vs. Oak Hill). Yes, wanting to shake the vibe of two early losses makes a team hungry for something more. But the character and execution displayed these
past two weeks can do nothing but remind us all that Eastbrook football is Eastbrook football… a program built on consistency, accountability, and encouragement.
If you missed this past Friday, you missed it. The expectation of a county rivalry was completely exceeded with big hits, excitement, and some surprises. Each year there is the question of how this
year’s team will fill last year’s team’s shoes (and roles). But each week, new leaders emerge and each week, these leaders pull others to the level that is Eastbrook Football. Just check out the videos and see
for yourself. Or…better yet…plan to come to Panther Field to witness another county rivalry this Friday at 7:00. You won’t be disappointed!