Panthers News · Growing Pains

Let’s face it, growing pains are not fun. Waking up in the middle of the night, shocked and confused why
that calf muscle or hamstring locked in what feels like concrete… We remember them, but not fondly.
And let’s admit another thing – coming out on the other side of growth or development is always more
fun that living in the middle of it. But I think we all would agree, the workout to develop the muscles is
needed. The pain that comes with growth is a part of the growth.

These past couple of weeks, the 2019 Eastbrook Panther Football Team has “hit the weights” in the form
of two larger schools. Is starting out the season in the loss column fun? Of course not. But, again, we
can agree that the work put in, the lessons learned, the pain of coming up short, not only may impact
the length of the Panther season, but will impact the growth of these young men both individually and
as a team. And isn’t that the point of athletic competition in the first place?

This weekend begins conference play. Eastbrook is fortunate to face the other three Grant County
schools at HOME over the course of the next three Friday nights. Come on out as our Men In Black take
on Madison Grant!

Let’s go, Panthers! Pound the stone!

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