Ladies and Gentlemen, if you’ve been around Eastbrook football for the past few years, you’ve become

used to the first game or two of the season being an exercise in shaking off the rust. Of course, those
past few years, the competition for shaking off the rust was not the pre-season, #1 4A school in the
state of Indiana (or cross town rival, the Marion Giants).

After years of “friendly” scrimmages against Marion, this season Eastbrook started with a test…and no
easy test by any standards. If you were privileged enough to attend the game last Friday, you now
realize a few things:
– Even without so many familiar faces of seasons past, the 2019 Eastbrook Panthers again have
the tools to play some solid football!
– With a few minor tweaks, this season’s Panther squad will be prepped to again compete at a
level many of us have almost come to take for granted.
– There most likely won’t be too many other opponents our Panthers face this year that will have
the speed and athleticism that was witnessed last Friday.

All of this to say, “Welcome to football season! And to the Panthers who strap on the pads and helmets
each day for a battle each Friday…we can’t wait to cheer you on. Hopefully, you can still hear the
cowbells! Plan on making the trek to Muncie this Friday as Eastbrook faces another “recent rival” – Delta High

Make sure to check the highlights from last week’s contest: