Panthers News · Making a STATEMENT (Sectional Rd 2 Video)


When October and November roll around, high school football starts to take on a new feeling, a new vibe.  No longer is it ‘for the fun of the season’ but now it moves into the arena of “How good are we?” “How do we compete?”  Each week is a win or go home and each pregame is full of sizing up the opponent across the field. Sure, both teams have watched game film on the other. Both have practiced throughout the week against the probabilities discovered by a coaching staff.  But each week, the players step over the sidelines and onto the battlefield of Friday night.

This past week, a good number of Eastbrook supporters made the long trek up to Rochester to sit through about a half of football and drizzling rain.  In that time we were able to witness what people mean when they say, “there was that little something extra.” We were able to watch our 2018 Panthers capitalize on mistakes made by Rochester.  We were able to ride the wave of momentum that, once it crested – early – never seemed to stop until the game clock read 0:00 after the 4th quarter.  We watched as this extraordinary group of young adults kept a level of focus that seemed to go beyond their years.  And we were (and ARE) thrilled that tomorrow night, we get to cheer this same squad on as they compete for another sectional title, on their home field.  

Come on out everyone!  Mr. Yordy guarantees there will be no rain!