This past Friday night was bittersweet.  The recognition of 20 plus Eastbrook Panther Seniors filled us all with pride and joy. The fact that this was their final regular season game may have brought a tear. The excitement of each touchdown, each tackle, each big play, was layered with the lovely fall rain and cold temperatures.  The exciting fact that we were witnesses to a new slate of names and players who are going to carry the lore of Eastbrook Panther Football was also met with the realization that other names will need to be remembered in our conversations and memories.

Regardless of all of this mixture of feelings, it was a great time to watch the 2018 Eastbrook Panthers demonstrate a culmination of years of playing together, of days and weeks and months of training, of the joy of the game.  Guys, we will miss all of you. We can’t wait to see what all is in store for your lives beyond the gridiron. But we will all gladly wait for the next however many weeks. We’re behind you as ‘season 2’ starts this Friday, at home against Oak Hill!