Panthers News · NEXT MAN UP – Week 8 Football Video



I watch athletes in awe and wonder.  Sure, there are times I (actually ALL of us who could be considered “Monday Morning Quarterbacks”) have ‘suggestions’ for the pros as plays unfold, or for coaches who have to make tough choices on the fly, or for youth athletes in any sort of contest.  But in all reality, I find it well beyond commendable that athletes, and in particular, our children who compete for Eastbrook, go day in and day out with little if any time off, punish their bodies through practices and contests, yet stay healthy and, hopefully, injury free.


This week we saw some of the effects of weeks of football.  We see some players with slings on their arms or on crutches.  We watch as a hit, be it clean or not, shakes a player up some.  And then we see another player with a different number step into the gap and perform the necessary task.  This week we were able to watch different numbers and hear different names come through the PA system. We were able to hold onto the excitement of Eastbrook football as we look towards seasons to come.  We witnessed ‘non-starters’ take on a physical and strong Blackford team and hold them scoreless. Next year’s buzz already started a little.


Of course, we NEVER want to overlook 2018 and that brings us to this week’s game – the last home, regular season game for this year and for 20+ seniors who have climbed the ranks of Eastbrook football from flag, to elementary pads, to junior high, to now.  So come on out, rain or moon, and give a well-deserved hand and support to so many guys whose discipline explained above we tend to take for granted.


  • Article by Todd Syswerda
  • Video by Thane Syswerda