Panthers News · TIGHTENING THE BOLTS (Week 7 Football Video)


I can’t imagine all the preparations that go into sending a rocket into space or a ship out to sea.  I can’t imagine the nerves that would be present as the momentum of the launch moves towards that point of no return.  I can’t imagine the outstanding relief and joy that would accompany a successful launch…watching that ship stay afloat or watching that rocket soar through the atmosphere. I also can’t imagine the checking, double checking, TRIPLE checking of every small – almost invisible detail that, if not tightened could sabotage the whole endeavor.

So here we are – nearing that “launch time” known as the postseason.  Everyone would love a successful journey during this time and, therefore, every game and every practice is checking and rechecking things.  Each Friday night is almost a ‘test-run’ of what’s to come and each Friday night to this point has revealed things to be tightened while celebrating things that were tweaked earlier and have stayed in place.

This Friday is Homecoming.  And our Panthers are have invited another cross-town rival, the Blackford Bruins, who are having a solid season, to the dance.  Plan to come to Panther field tomorrow night and watch the continually improving 2018 Eastbrook Panthers go through another test run as they approach the final countdown.