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A Well-Oiled Machine

This past Friday night, when Frankton came to visit, we were treated to the continued evolution of Eastbrook Panther Football – version 2018.  Throughout this year, we’ve witnessed the growth of the this squad, stepping out of the shadows of the past and creating their own shadows for the future.  We are feeling that thing that IS Eastbrook Football growing from the sidelines and we are excited about the numerous games to come this year.

Now, however, it is time to take a look under the hood.  By no means am I a mechanic but I DO understand the fact that parts not only need to work together but also need to function well on their own and do the job for which they were intended.  It would be moronic for the gas pedal to think that it alone makes the car go faster but it would be equally blind for the engine to think it doesn’t need the axles or the axles the tires or the tires the tiny air valve.  I know this seems like a “duh” thing to say but each person on this year’s team has a VITAL role to play, whether they are the ones to physically cross the goal line or the ones who keep the sidelines encouraged.

If you’ve been around Eastbrook Football for long, you’ve heard Coach Adamson say to the guys (particularly after a win), “Make smart choices tonight.”  With that in mind, to the gents who are wearing those Panther helmets this year, it is YOUR job to help each other make these smart choices. Is a teammate struggling with a class?  The smart choice is to get some help from the teacher or a tutor. Is a teammate not giving his all in practice? The smart choice is to get that person to make the personal choice to give a better effort.  

Back to the machine, if a part isn’t working, you get into the machine and figure out where the problem is and fix it.  Guys, we are seeing you grow in leaps and bounds this year and you have done a great job in helping each other succeed. Now, your entire team, your school, and your fans ask you to do us all and yourselves the huge favor of keeping each other accountable so the well-oiled machine you are creating can continue running well into this fall.  Trust us, we ALL want to see what all this team can do and we can hardly wait until tomorrow when you visit Alexandria to put this machine called Panthers 2018 on display, yet again.

  • Video by Thane Syswerda
  • Article by Todd Syswerda