Panthers News · Scorcher (Ball State Week 5 Football Video)


Say what you will about last Saturday’s game against rival Oak Hill…it was a hot one.  Hot from the standpoint of the day, the stands, and the sidelines and hot from the standpoint of an Eastbrook football team being able to battle through the obstacles and still be able to do what it is trained to do.  

Regardless of your take on another lopsided victory, which almost feels like ‘normal’ anymore, this team continues to earn and deserve respect.  Certainly there were things within the game that different players or coaches wish they could take back. Certainly there were lapses in execution.  But as easy as those may be to observe, the ability of this squad to dig into its mental reserves and continue to focus in the midst of unfamiliar surroundings and circumstances…well, that seems to be ‘the stuff’ that makes men of boys and these young men all gained invaluable experience on Saturday.

Now we are ready to be back at Panther Field and play 3 of our next 4 games at home.  Be sure to head there tomorrow as the Panthers tackle Frankton (pun intended).

  • Video by Thane Syswerda
  • Article by Todd Syswerda