Panthers News · “A Classic” Week 4 Football Video


There are certain athletic contests that are brought to mind more by their titles or rivalries than by the game or games themselves – “The Rumble In the Jungle”, “The Miracle of 1980”, Bird vs Magic, Cavs/Warriors, etc…  THEN there are certain settings that suggest contests that should be dramatic – “Game 7”, “Friday Night Lights”, “World Cup”, etc… But to take a cross town rivalry – Eastbrook vs. Ole Miss – and combine it with two teams facing off like war horses… THAT is the making of a “Classic.”

If you had the privilege of being at MHS last Friday night, you didn’t mind the non-stop rain because you were treated to one of the best high school football games Grant County has seen in a while.  Two powerhouse squads making plays, coming back from missteps, creating drama, and ending on a touchdown pass with less than ten seconds left to break a tie… this game will be etched in your memory for some time.  

Certainly, the Panthers and the Panther fans would have loved the above script to end with the team in the white jerseys being the one with the last second, dramatic TD catch. Certainly, the Eastbrook faithful would have loved to have claimed the driver’s seat for the CIC. Yes, “Frank” will have to wait in sadness for a few games until he returns to his rightful spot.  But regardless of all of that – WHAT A GAME!!!

How do teams respond after a contest like last Friday?  You’ll have to swing down to Ball State and Cardinal Field to watch a hungry Panther squad take on another cross county rival, Oak Hill.  The game starts at 1:00 (and it looks like it might be rain-free). See you then!

  • Video by Thane Syswerda
  • Article by Todd Syswerda