Panthers News · GAINING MOMENTUM (Week 3 Football Video)

We all can picture what ‘momentum’ looks like… a boulder racing down a hill, a cartoon snowball that picks up everything in its path, a rock slide, an avalanche, a runaway train.  Well this past Friday at Madison-Grant, we were able to catch a glimpse of a high school football program gaining some momentum.

If you look back at all the above examples listed for ‘momentum’, most are things that are out of control.  This is the difference between what we imagine behind that word and what the 2018 Panthers have been displaying.  The controlled momentum that has been coached by our coaches and executed by our players is something to be excited about!  As we continue to watch this squad grow in confidence and execution, there is, again, great hope for a great season.

But one thing we know about momentum…at some point it comes up against some sort of opposing force, challenging the path and final destination.  THIS Friday, Eastbrook approaches one of the biggest opposing forces it faces each year… the Mississinewa Indians. So come on over to MHS Friday night – rain or shine – and let’s let our guys know we believe in the force that is Eastbrook Football.

  • video by Thane Syswerda
  • article by Todd Syswerda