Here we are again.  We’ve been here before.  Things look and feel familiar.  There isn’t a problem navigating our steps from the parking lot to the bleachers.  We don’t need to ask where the concession stand is located. This is Eastbrook Panther football time.  

When my wife and I left Upland so I could work on some schooling, we ended up in northern Colorado.  As you can guess, we had a FEW visitors during our stint there. Luckily, we also had a few great travel and activity options for our guests to try during their visits.  One such option was a trip up the mountain to a touristy town called Estes Park. Yes, the destination was great but the trek up and back down was always a highlight due to the beauty of the drive.  Typically, we would stop at one point during this journey to get out and step into the creek that ran down the mountain. Without knowing ‘for sure’, we could almost sense we were getting close and then could identify the spot by specific landmarks. However, even with all that ‘sameness’ – the turns in the road, the unique rock formations, the spot to pull off, the shallow place to stand – ONE thing was always different.  We always had a new flow of water washing over our feet, up to our shins. Yes, the water was always mountain cold. Yes, it always was mountain clear. Yes, it always washed over the same rocks and bounced off the same boulders and turned the same way. But it was always different.

What’s the point?  The point is…here we are again.  At the same spot. Looking at uniforms we recognize. Watching young men playing on a field that gives us a bit of a nostalgic chill.  However, as is the case in all things of life, the thing we can count on is change. Uniform numbers we know, now may be worn by someone with a different name that is announced over the loudspeaker.  Sometimes a name is mentioned and we are somewhat shocked to see how that person has changed, grown, matured. These changes, while inevitable, make each season its own special time, filled with its own special memories.  

Those of you who came out to the season opener will, without much doubt, remember the monsoon-ish rains of the 2nd quarter. You’ll remember the odd feeling of a halftime score of 10-7.  You’ll remember the feeling of games past as Justin Singer broke open for a long TD score, or Clay Dalton hit an opposing back deep in his own backfield.  You’ll remember that, again, the 2018 Eastbrook Panthers know how to win by double digits and, despite all the change, you’ll feel a great sense of excitement about another year of football.

Come on out this Friday as we ‘welcome’ Delta to Panther Field.  You’ll be glad you were able to share in some memories.

-article by Todd Syswerda