Panthers News · Nobody Said It Would Be Easy (Week 12 – Sectional Final – Video)

We all ‘know’ that when the tournament starts, every week is win or go home.  We all ‘know’ that the deeper a team goes into the tournament, the tougher the opponent will be. We all ‘know’ that records or stats or previous games or “we beat the team that beat this team by ____ points” mean absolutely nothing.  Yet there is that recollection of a lopsided season where the expectation is things MIGHT be easy.

Cut to last Friday night.  Lewis Cass came to EHS and, along with our Panthers, demonstrated what a ‘football slugfest’ looked like.  Two tough defenses, that hit their opponents hard, went head to head – literally – for 48 minutes. Granted, the fact that our Panthers play again tomorrow night at Lapel, means that the team in Black prevailed, but it wasn’t the type of game we as fans have become used to this year.  There was no 50 point first half, there were a number of punts, there was poor field position, and there were tense moments.  However, when the final 0:00 showed up on the scoreboard, I know everyone on the Eastbrook side of the field breathed a sigh of relief.  Not because we didn’t believe in our guys but because we experienced the second game in as many weeks that the team on the opposite side of the ball was tougher than any team the 2017 Panthers have faced this season.

Cut to tomorrow night… plan on making the nearly hour drive. Plan on bundling up tight. Plan on yelling your head off.  Plan on ringing those cow bells. And plan on another game that keeps your heart racing and your hopes high.  Everyone knows the for the 2017 Eastbrook Panthers to truly Exceed Expectations, this is the next step.


-article by Todd Syswerda