Panthers News · “Back In Black” (Week 11 – Sectional Round 2 – video)

Yes, you read that right…the Eastbrook Panthers will be BACK this Friday night, in their BLACK jerseys to take on Cass High School and play for another Sectional Championship! For the many of you who made the trek to Rensselaer, who braved the winds whipping across the field and into your face, it APPEARS you will be rewarded with a break in the November rain and a clear night for some great football action.

For those of you who weren’t able to make the trek mentioned above, let’s just say that there was a whole new set of feelings and emotions in this game.  There were some firsts such as:
– Last Friday’s game was the first time we’ve been behind all season (even if it was only 3-0);
– Last Friday was the first time we haven’t scored a point in the first quarter;
– Last Friday was the first time we – as fans – felt that unfamiliar, yet most likely to keep finding its way to us, the pressure of a close game against a good team.
I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by those things if we are fortunate enough to see our Panthers continue winning and ringing that Eastbrook bell. But, with the memory of this season still fresh, it was an odd sensation.

If you’ve followed the Eastbrook Athletic website, you’ve noticed an article claiming Eastbrook Stadium is one of the toughest places to play football in the state.  I would suggest we try and move up in those standings this Friday and make it THE toughest place to play.  That can only happen if we, as fans, pack the stands and raise our voices to support a team that continues to pour it on, attempting to greatly exceed expectations.


-article by Todd Syswerda