Panthers News · The ‘Secret’ Is Out (Sectional, round 1 video)

If anyone wondered if the hype surrounding the 2017 Eastbrook Panther football team was just that…hype…or truth, all doubt was put to rest this past Friday night.

Eastbrook marched into Greentown to take on Eastern Comets and put on a show.  They hit hard, ran fast, played with enthusiasm, and encouraged everyone – from teammates to coaches to fans – that this team is serious in this postseason. Granted, everyone in and around Grant County knows this is the TYPICAL Eastbrook output this year but to those less informed…

The Panthers are on a mission and are showing the importance of focus on each play.  The beautiful part is, this wasn’t a perfect game for Eastbrook.  There were some lapses in discipline and execution, which should make people watching the brackets very nervous if they see “Eastbrook” next to their team’s name.

This Friday will be a test.  Rensselaer has proven to be strong in the past and, based on record alone, have demonstrated to be a team that ends up on top of many contests.  The game will be held at 7:00 p.m. CENTRAL time, so sneak in that nap sometime between now and Friday so you have the energy to keep supporting these guys as they continue to exceed expectations.

-article by Todd Syswerda