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Panthers News · “Aim Small, Miss Small” (Week 7 video)

To a movie buff, this quote from Mel Gibson’s, “The Patriot”, is one that sticks with you.  Teaching his young sons to defend their home, he offers this piece of advice if they ever find themselves in a spot where they need to do something horrific.  Despite the context of the reference, this phrase is something that any sports team can embrace.

It’s easy to think of what a great season (again) this Eastbrook squad is having. It’s easy to go into a game with the expectation that the Panthers will show some level of dominance.  It’s almost easy to think that this ALREADY has been a successful season… I mean we’ve beaten county rivals, we’ve regained ‘Frank’, we’ve shown lopsided stats in scoring/offensive yards gained/defensive yards allowed.  On the surface this has been a great year!

But the goal of this year was never ‘just’ to win games.  It was never ‘just’ to be the Grant 4 champ.  There is one goal.  One tiny goal that lives out there, weeks away.  Granted, to get to THAT goal, there are many little battles to face and many obstacles to overcome. And in overcoming those, other honors will be gained. But that goal, that elusive, almost mythical thought that all of us have dared to think about, even if we’re nervous to voice it, is there.

Eastbrook Panthers, it is getting to that point in the season where each snap, each play, each possession, each assignment, each practice, each meal, each night of rest, and each football thought is being done with one goal in mind.  Win the last game you play.  We believe in you and can’t wait to watch that focus come to life tomorrow night against Alexandria.  Seniors, this night is yours.  Lead the charge and know that your leadership to this point has brought a large, hungry, unified group of warriors behind you.


-article by Todd Syswerda