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Panthers News · A Storm’s a’ Comin’

I’ve lived the vast majority of my life in the midwest.  If you’re from here, you know the saying, “If you don’t like the weather, give it a few minutes and it will change.”  When storms would come in, they’d be relatively quick and if SERIOUS weather was forecast, it was usually preceded with, “the conditions are right for ___________ (fill in the blank).”

However, these past few weeks, the concept of ‘hurricane’ has been quite a hot topic.  I’m not sure how I’d handle KNOWING a storm was coming DAYS in advance, and knowing that in all truth, I could do very little to prepare.  I mean, how would we react if a tornado the size of Grant County was on its way here in 36 hours?  How would we prepare for that? How could Puerto Rico face the sunshine and calm seas, KNOWING that on the back of one major storm, another was headed directly for them?

Not to belittle anyone suffering through that kind of devastation, but I wonder how the opponents of this 2017 Eastbrook Panther football team feel, looking at their schedules and seeing “Eastbrook” listed?  I mean, by now they’ve heard the rumors.  They’ve read the write-ups.  Maybe even they’ve seen some video footage.  Regardless of all of that, there is only so much preparation that can be accomplished before the storm makes landfall.  You can always put some plywood on the windows, possibly lay some sandbags to hopefully minimize the flooding, but when you see the satellite imagery showing a storm the size of your entire state (Florida), there must be a sense of defeat.

Facing a team like this year’s Panthers is possibly a bit defeating for some. They have to KNOW that when they receive the kick-off, they will be met VERY quickly by the self-proclaimed (and living up to its name) “Hit Squad.”  When a quarterback takes a snap, he must feel the heat of a blistering fast line cutting off most if not all of his options.  When a defense is confused by all the activity in the Eastbrook backfield and, before they know it, see one of three or four or five players breaking away from the clash of linemen, they have to wonder, “What else could we have done?”

Then, to top things off, our Panthers, under the tutelage of a fantastic coaching staff, study each game, play, assignment, and ‘head back out to sea’ to gather more strength, only to bring the storm to another opponent on another Friday night.  Who’s next?  Hello, Frankton… we’ll be making landfall in a few short hours.


-article by Todd Syswerda