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Panthers News · Panthers Race Past the Golden Eagles

Written by Reid Aupperle & Milo King – Student Reporters (Eastbrook South)

Friday, September 22, 2017

On Friday night the Eastbrook Panthers dominated the Oak Hill Golden Eagles 64-0. Andrew Barajas (#22) had an amazing game, running for 4 touchdowns and taking a lateral/hand-off punt return back for an electrifying score. Mason Hale contributed a pick on defense and did great as the team’s quarterback as well. In addition, Davon Wallace ran for 2 touchdowns, but also got injured and left the game on crutches. The Golden Eagles on the other side didn’t do much against the Panther defense, only getting a couple of first downs vs one of the best defensive units in the state.

“If it wasn’t for the line and the blockers up the field I wouldn’t have done it,” Barajas said.

Mason Hale (#18) also credited the lines on both sides saying that “if it wasn’t for the offensive line I wouldn’t be able to make good throws or get the hand-off right.”

Davon Wallace (#37) who ran for 2 long touchdowns said that it “just feels great with the fans standing up for you in the stands and your teammates cheering for you on the sideline.”

Justen Singer #15 said, “that it feels great running down the field but if the line wasn’t there I couldn’t do it.”

The Panthers return to action this Friday when they travel to Frankton.

Official start time:7:03 p.m.
Start weather: 89 degrees fahrenheit and sunny.


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