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Panthers News · “Exceed Expectations” (Week 1 & 2 Videos!)

We’ve seen the shirts and heard the lingo, this year’s ‘tagline’ for Eastbrook Football is “EXCEED EXPECTATIONS!” That’s quite a tall order – even taller if the entire Eastbrook Football community embraces it.

Everyone KNOWS the expectations of a team that made it to the state finals last year, one that, yet again, is packed with talent.  With this in the back of everyone’s mind, ‘Exceed Expectations’ seems pretty narrow… “Hey, guys, win state and you’ve accomplished it.”

But what of other expectations?  In the past two years, we’ve experienced a football team that has only had THREE losses.  We’ve experienced a team that has scored an insane average of points over that time.  We’ve experienced such solid play on both sides of the ball from nearly everyone on the squad that we expect near perfection EVERY night.  The funny thing is, I believe that the high schoolers – from the team to the managers to the cheerleaders, have come to expect us to expect that.  They have come to expect that our excitement for a game may be a little tame unless there is, at some point, that expected big play.  They have come to expect that we will stand and clap during the school song, that we will ring our cowbells as long as our arms can stand it, and that we expect the final scoreboard to be lopsided in favor of the Panthers.

So… how does the Eastbrook family, the Eastbrook community NOT on the field ‘Exceed Expectations’?  Might I offer that the level of Eastbrook spirit rises even further?  Might I suggest that we do whatever we can to unify our voices from the kick-off through the final whistle and watch the excitement of each entire event spiral upward to the point that when opposing sides experience an Eastbrook fan section, THEY begin to expect to be in awe of the unity and support that is high school football, that defines ‘Friday Night Lights’?

There were SO MANY great things that happened the last two Fridays (a fraction of which you can experience on the first TWO week’s videos) and, without a doubt, EVERYONE expects that level of play each week.  So come on out this Friday as our Panthers head to Elwood for the conference opener.  Let’s shock their team, their coaches, their fans, and maybe ourselves a bit, with a spirit of excitement that defies and, yes, exceeds anyone’s expectations.


-article by Todd Syswerda