Multiple Teams · Momentum (Week 9 Football Video)

We’ve seen it on the race track, in the pool, in movies (think Breaking Away or, more recently, The Martian)…using the momentum one has to step outside the norm and create a slingshot effect to make a burst, a strategic move, a final push.

This season, our Eastbrook Panther’s football team has had to make adjustments to find its best effort. Personnel changes have happened due to unforeseen injuries or sicknesses. Each change creates a chemistry change on the field that takes a little adjusting. Fortunately, we’ve witnessed our Panthers borrowing momentum from each other to find the time needed to make the changes and still come out with a win. I mean, who is going to look down on an 8-1 record?

However, all that momentum, all the hard work of the season has prepared this team to slingshot into the postseason and allow its best to come forward. Perfection has not been achieved in any game, as any coach or player will express, but the imperfections have lessened and have served as refining tools to ready the 2016 Panthers for this next step. And that’s what the postseason is, isn’t it…a journey of as many single steps as can be taken?

The first step is this Friday, at home, against Eastern. Let’s bundle up and come out to show this outstanding group of young men how much we appreciate their effort, their commitment, and their hard work. Let’s show them that we don’t take any of that for granted and we celebrate the gift they bring to this community.

-article by Todd Syswerda