Multiple Teams · Battle Scars and Growing Pains (Week 5 Video)

Let’s simply admit it at the top…losing hurts.  The next day, the bumps and bruises feel all that more painful.  And most of us spend a lot of time and energy avoiding pain.  But, ask a body builder – though having muscle is great, building muscle hurts.  Being a millionaire sounds really attractive but putting all that work into making and saving the money isn’t easy, at all.  Being an adult is (can be) fun but growing pains, those cramps that grab you in the middle of the night and rip you from your sleep…not as much fun.

It wasn’t fun being on the short end of the scoreboard this past week.  The fact that the scoreboard was on a field of a rival less than 10 miles away didn’t make things any easier.  But…

Let’s look at some good that can come from this:

  • This may sound strange but this year’s Panthers have the freedom from perfection.  Following an undefeated regular season puts unnecessary pressure on anyone.  This loss allows room for focus on getting stronger.
  • Nobody ever quit.  This is huge considering a number of this Panther starting squad started, ended, or spent the game on the sidelines.  That “never say die” attitude will pay dividends if we are blessed to have a full roster of healthy players come tourney time.
  • There is time to fix and reset.  Consider shipbuilders.  I don’t mean those who build fishing boats.  I’m talking the big ones…as big as a city.  You MUST check for leaks before you send that ship down the rails into the water. Failure to do so would be devastating and all the hard work would go to waste.  This Eastbrook team has time to “find the leaks” and patch those up before launching into the postseason.
  • This team has not peaked…yet.  I, for one, look forward with anticipation to see the 2016 Eastbrook Panther football team firing on all cylinders (and I feel sorry for those in the way).

Looking back, it seemed the cheers from the other side were cheers of our defeat.  However, we all know that we cheer for the success of our young men and pay little mind to the opponents.  Mississinewa fans have a strong team to cheer for and nobody can take that away.  Now let’s head into another fight this week at Oak Hill with the sounds of our cheers and encouragement telling our team…WE BELIEVE and, if we take the lessons of a loss to heart, nobody will be able to stop us.

-article by Todd Syswerda (and thanks to Austin Huntington for video assistance this past week!).