Multiple Teams · Self-Discovery (Week 4 Video)

Adversity – at least one dictionary defines this as “distress, affliction, hardship.”  This past Friday night, Eastbrook Panther Football faced some adversity.  This was the first game of the season that the weather was a participant in a contest.  It was the first game where time was stopped to tend to a wounded Panther.  It was the first game that tested the mental strength of Panther players and fans.

Yet, as the title to this article suggests, it was in the midst of this adversity that we started to discover ourselves.  Different players had to step up.  Different combinations of players had to work together as “new” units on both sides of the ball.  In the end, you might look at the scoreboard and think this was another dose of the same old, same old, but THIS game served as a proving ground.  This game helped this year’s Panther squad look at itself from various angles to see if it had what it takes.

Yes, it was another win.  Yes, it seems to be a continuation of a successful couple of seasons. But this week served as so much more.  It served as a week where various players discovered that they DO play a key role on this team and there are, have been, and will be times that this team may depend on them to dig deep and find that extra something.  This week served as MUCH more than a victory on the football field.  This was some in depth life training.

– Article by Todd Syswerda