Multiple Teams · The Work Is Just Beginning (Week 3 Video)

When a football team starts the year 3-0 with a 161-20 scoring difference, it seems like it could be pretty easy to lie back and just let what’s working continue to work.  However, with this Eastbrook Panther team, the work is just beginning.

Sure, there are reasons to celebrate the start of this year.  By most accounts, it seems to be a continuation of last year…running over and around teams, hitting fast and hitting hard, outthinking and outplaying the opponent.  But 3-0 does not make up a season and 1-0 in the conference does not give any team the right to claim a title.  The work is just beginning.

After coasting through the first third of the regular season, the Eastbrook Panther nation needs to dig in.  The next third will be a test, the kind of test you can study for but can always expect some sort of surprise question from deep within the reading.  The next three games are against conference and county foes…all away from the comfort of the Panther field.  The work is just beginning.

After last year (and after the start of this year), the target on the Eastbrook football program continues to grow and all opponents become hungrier.  Madison Grant, Mississinewa, and Oak Hill feel they have a score to settle and some may even feel prepared to settle it.  The work is just beginning.

The work not only kicks in for the players and coaches but for the fans, for the parents.  The stress picks up and it will become easier and easier to point fingers at the mistakes. But if we are to do OUR jobs, let me encourage all of us to focus on things like: Encouragement, Building Up, Positive Cheers, Undying Support, and ATTENDANCE.  We are going to visit some hostile fields in the next three weeks.  Let’s make sure the young men on the field (on EITHER side of the ball) know that we believe in this Eastbrook team.  For all of us…the work is just beginning.

-article by Todd Syswerda