Multiple Teams · Knockin’ Off the Rust

We’ve heard it said you can shake off the dust. But rust? You can’t just wipe that away. You have to WORK to get rid of that stuff.  After weeks…months…of not playing together on the field, and after practicing for less than a month, trying to discover that new chemistry that comes with every new team, with every new season, our Eastbrook Panthers demonstrated how to knock off some rust.

Now, before anyone gets critical about the fact that the score was extremely lopsided, or the fact that “dominated” is a pretty fair word to use in describing our team’s first game, let us recall the nerves.  Let us recall the few times the line showed a bit too much anticipation of hitting a block or breaking through into the backfield.  Let us recall the desire to go for the big play when a simple hand in the air could have broken up some offensive gain by the opponent.

Okay, enough recall. If you simply look at the picture attached to this article (thank you Steve Neideck), you can SEE the rust getting knocked off.  You could feel it time and time again with some of the big hits the defense landed.  You could hear it with the blocks on the line and down the field.  And you cheered for it as grinding out yardage opened the field up to speed  and finding the seams.

To start naming those with monster games would be unfair because with so many it would be impossible to keep from missing someone.  All I can say is that at the end of last fall, when 17 Eastbrook seniors walked off the high school field for the final time, there was a big gap to fill.  It was beyond encouraging to see that gap shrink significantly throughout this first contest.

Now it is time for the next step, the next opponent.

Unlike the unfriendly weather that occurred during the middle of this week, Friday night looks like it will be another beautiful night for football.  Join us in Huntington as the 2016 Panthers look to polish those spots where they knocked the rust off a few days ago.

(article by Todd Syswerda)