Multiple Teams · HERE WE GO AGAIN!

The funny thing about being around a school, especially for teachers and coaches, is how quickly time flies, how fast the years rush by. A HUGE factor to this is, as much as things stay the same (same paint on the walls, same course topics, same weight room, etc…), they are always changing (recent freshmen are now seniors – in some cases – and those seniors, who seem like they JUST graduated, are now out of college? Or married? Or both?!?).

For those of us in the stands, the same thing is happening before our eyes.  The field is basically the same, the coaches are basically the same, the opponents are basically the same; but the jerseys, though very similar to last year, with numbers we seemingly recognize, are now worn by players with different names.  Different players are in positions we have attributed to others. And soon we will be hearing a different combination of names being announced from the press box.

It is, again, the end of August. We will, again, find our seats in familiar stands. Again, we will cheer with pride for our Eastbrook Panthers (and, again, there will be cowbells).  Hold on to your seats, because here we go again.