Multiple Teams · THANKFUL for 2015 Panther Football

Okay, okay, so we’re a bit behind with this final, “Celebrate the Season” video.  But to pare down the highlights of a season:

– where the total yardage was the north side of 5,000 yards,
– where the total score was roughly 600 to roughly 100 (I believe Ethan Cramer’s leg is STILL on ice with all those extra points and kickoffs),
– where the defense made so many hits that resulted in loss of yards or turnovers,
– where the season highlights, from scrimmage to sectional final,

would fit into the space of a manageable video,

proved to be quite a job.  Yet here it is…just in time for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of being thankful, Thane and I want to express our thanks to Coach Adamson, the coaching staff, the players, the parents, and the fans for giving us a great opportunity to be a part of Eastbrook Football this season.  I also want to thank this 2015 Eastbrook Football program for teaching me a something.

Thank you for reminding me that if someone is gifted, they should use that gift, to the best of their ability, for the good of the people around them.  I was one of “those students” to whom the only grades one should earn was “A” or “F” (I mean, even a “B” looked close to an “F” – minus a couple of short curves).  However, I soon realized that this outlook on life, achieving perfection or experiencing failure, was not something attainable nor even healthy.  Certainly, the ultimate goal of any season is to be undefeated after the final game.  But, by no means, was this year a failure.  Throughout this season, this collection of young men brought a great amount of joy and celebration to the Eastbrook community.  Thank you for your hard work!  Thank you for demonstrating the concept of “bloom where you’re planted.”  Thank you for encouraging us to be our best so we can bring joy and peace to everyone around us!

So, Panthers, whether your next step in life is as a soldier or a student. Whether your future career leads you towards being a teacher or a technician, a politician or a pastor, a mechanic or a musician, a farmer or a football coach, continue to be the leader and the example you took great strides towards this season.  We’re all thankful to have been a part of this adventure.