Multiple Teams · Because It Matters

If you were within earshot of Coach Adamson as he addressed the Eastbrook Panther football team after the season-ending game last Friday, you may have heard these words: “It only hurts because it matters.”

He went on to commend his players on the passion and heart they have displayed over and over again throughout this season…it mattered.  Why did they play so hard all season?  It mattered.  Why did the whole team strive, as a single unit, to find its best?  It mattered.  Why did the fans show up game after game to cheer on this team?  It mattered.

This season mattered to the Eastbrook community and I can think of no greater success this year than this, through a game called “football” there was a unifying of hearts.  There was a collective cheer of support.  There was much celebration over the many, MANY fantastic things that occurred this season.  And there was a single heartbreak as the clock ran out last Friday night.  Sure, everyone experienced the end of the season with various levels of emotion but to the whole…IT MATTERED.

It’s amazing to think how every few seconds there is a birth and there is a death around the world.  There are causes for celebration and causes for mourning.  Yet the celebration and mourning is experienced by those to whom it matters.  There are people in this world, in America, in Indiana, in Grant County that don’t even know the Panther season ended last Friday.  But to the Eastbrook community mentioned above, it hurt because it mattered.

So we take this week to recover from the rollercoaster of emotions felt throughout the game against Winchester.  But stay tuned… because next week we celebrate the highlights of an incredible season.