Multiple Teams · “Ordinary+Extra=…”

You may read this title and think the answer is easy, kind of like 1+1=…

However, as we reach this point in the season, the point where EVERY team still playing has…
– proven to have added some “extra” to its “ordinary”
– capitalized on its “ordinary” of practices every day for weeks and months
– demonstrated it has some heart left in it, regardless of the win and loss column of its record
– believes it has the ability to move to the next level
…we must consider what might give this Eastbrook Panther team the EXTRA-ordinary boost it has, has had, and continues to believe in.

1. Seniors – It’s been said a few times this season – this senior class is special.  In part because it is so large but also due to the fact that the 17 seniors have bonded together to create a drive that is shared by the whole team for the sake of whole team.  This leadership is EXTRA-ordinary.

2. Common Vision – Yes, I just said that in the last sentence but the reality is everyone keeps working for the sake of the team.  This unselfishness is EXTRA-ordinary.

3. Hard Play At All Positions – Sure, we as fans, tend to “see” the one who carries the ball across the goal line.  BUT each ball carrier knows he could not have made that step without some great blocking to create the holes.  The offense couldn’t be on offense if the defense wasn’t shutting opponents down and getting the ball back.  The defense couldn’t focus on its job if the special teams didn’t get down the field on a kick-off and eliminate the threat of good field position. And the special teams couldn’t kick off if the offense wasn’t scoring.  The consistent execution of this “circle of the game” is EXTRA-ordinary.

4. Support – From the sidelines to the stands, Eastbrook football is special.  It has a special feel about it – from the cowbells to the collection of voices that one can hear at every game to the constant admonition of players to get their teammates on the sideline “up” in order to cheer on the guys on the field.  This backing is EXTRA-ordinary.

5. Coaches – There is not enough room in this article to comment on this coaching staff.  The collection of football intelligence among these men is overwhelming and when you combine that game insight with longevity and encouragement… Eastbrook football coaching is EXTRA-ordinary.

As we all know, from here on out each game, each possession, each snap, each practice takes on a new urgency.  There are no win/loss records coming into account.  It’s just two strong teams clashing on a Friday night, under the lights – an ordinary sight in the fall in Indiana and across the country.  So let’s take it upon ourselves as fans and supporters of Eastbrook football, and all the men and women who make it what it is, to come to Winchester

and cheer our guys on with as much celebration as possible.  They deserve our support regardless of the results of this season – which up to this point has been EXTRAORDINARY!