Multiple Teams · The Train Has Left the Station

I can only imagine the feelings that go through a family when a son, a young man, begins a journey that will undoubtedly test the depth of his strength and character; a journey that has the potential for battle, pain, victory, and danger.  I picture back to the time when families, or sometimes entire towns, would gather at the railroad station and give their local hero an honoring send-off – not knowing the outcome of the journey but knowing that upon this hero’s return, things would be different.

Throughout this entire season, the young men that make up the 2015 Eastbrook Panther football team have been training and practicing for this time, this moment, this journey.  Regardless of what has happened in their football pasts, whether those pasts are four years or two months, everything has led to now.  Now is what the Panthers have been focusing on this entire season.  Did they have lapses where they looked past moments on this adventure?  Possibly, but most likely they took each game, each play, each practice as a necessary hurdle to get to this time.

What is “this time?”  POST-season.  The time when the immediacy of the season is at its highest.  The time when the pressure is constantly on and the expectations are constantly growing.  Well, folks, as the title of this article suggests, “the train has left the station,” and our Eastbrook Panthers have started a journey that will change their lives.  They have stepped into the tournament season with SOLID preparation – something most would label “success.”  And, yes, after all is said and done this year, I doubt anyone will be able to call this season something other than “successful.”  However, if you heard the updated chant from the Panthers this past Friday night, you heard the start of a mindset change:

“One more step. One more step. One more step! ONE MORE STEP!!”

Next step… Friday night, on our field against Taylor.  Come to the battlefield and witness the depth of this collection of young men.