Multiple Teams · THE MAKING OF MEN

Every “Senior Night” marks the end of an era.  Sure, it’s a sad thought but it’s also a reason to celebrate.  When each “Fall Sports Senior” was introduced pre-game on Friday, many thoughts went to the question, “what’s next?”  I think a more appropriate way to look at this time is “how have these men and women grown?”

Thus, the title of this week’s article…

When we look at the Eastbrook Panther football team, at each and every young man who puts on a uniform, we see just that…young MEN.  These warriors have bonded together and have bought into a philosophy of a few older mentors, whom we recognize as coaches.  These mentors have laid out an idea – an ideal…pull together, give your best, learn the program, and you will find success.  Have there been ups and downs for those Panthers at the end of their era?  Certainly.  There are ups and downs for everyone who takes the risk to step in front of a crowd and put their knowledge and skill to the test.

However, these men, led by these seniors, have demonstrated that extra something that is needed to succeed in both football and life.  What is that extra something?  Well, based on this past Friday night, in a game that combined the factors of: Senior Night, the last game of the season, an undefeated season, and “Frank,” I feel that the 2015 Eastbrook Panthers showed:

– How to let their actions define who they are versus being drawn into reactions based on something that didn’t go their way or seemed unfair.

– How to maintain composure when the emotions of the situations, the crowds, the opponents, pushed them to move outside of who they are.

– How to pull together in the face of losing a key part of their successful system and continue to  play their game, run their plays, pull their weight, and elevate their team.

As has been stated numerous times over the course of this season, it has been a FANTASTIC adventure to watch this Eastbrook team gel and near their potential.  Yet, as any player on that team will tell you (and as the coaches have most likely preached all year) each game, each play, each moment leads to the next and the “next” for our team, our community, and us, as fans, begins THIS

Friday night, at 7:00, at home, versus Alexandria, beginning sectionals.  Let’s watch and cheer for those moments this team plays, shines, and continues to peak.



article by – Todd Syswerda