Multiple Teams · The Trap Game

There are certain games that we mark on the schedule: the opening game, Homecoming, Senior Night, sectionals.  The ones in between matter just as much, but they can become trap games – games that lull players into complacency.  The games that involve travel and – let’s face it – a lot of grinding, hard work.


It’s easy to get excited when Frank is on the line.  Or when CIC is up for grabs.  Or when that undefeated season seems possible.  But those goals are not accomplished by winning individual games.  They are accomplished by facing every single week as if it is the only game of the season.


The Panthers approached the Frankton game with discipline and focus.  It showed on the field.


Every play matters.  Every player counts.  The big goals are not accomplished in long runs on a few nights.  The big goals are accomplished when we master all of the small ones: treat every drill as the most important.  Treat every down as the most crucial. Every play matters.  Every player counts.


Frankton was a great game, and we accomplished some of our goals – set some records that may stand for awhile.  But the big goals are made up of lots of small ones.  Enjoy every down.  Every snap.  Every moment.  Play hard, Panthers.  This is something special.



– article by Doris Goble

– video footage assisted by Austin Simison