Multiple Teams · LET’S BE “FRANK”

So many of you were there last Friday…

I don’t need to remind you of the excitement surrounding the game between two unbeaten teams.
I don’t need to tell you it was a bit tough to find a parking spot.
I don’t need to recall how cold that wind made it to all those not playing the game.

But I will restate a couple of things (even if “the obvious” is obvious).  First, Eastbrook Panther Football is Eastbrook Panther Football.

An opponent on the defensive line has most likely seen film and knows a number of attacks the Panthers will throw their way. HOWEVER, the likelihood of picking WHICH attack has proven elusive to every opposing team this year. Oak Hill on Friday was no exception.  In fact, even trying to guess a play drew the Oak Hill defense offsides more than once.

An opponent on the offensive side realizes that the Panthers will exploit any weak link in their front line.  That exploitation means that by the end of the first quarter, the Panther defense will plug the holes on an offensive run and will flood through those holes on any pass attempt.

Finally, again, the “other” team experienced first hand the speed, quickness, toughness and tenacity of this Eastbrook sqaud.  Sure there were some mishaps from ALL teams on the field (not only the two playing offense and defense) and nobody’s perfect.  But for any Eastbrook fan, this season is ranking pretty high on anyone’s list of enjoyable seasons.

Panthers, keep playing your football.  Never overlook the next team, the next play, the next practice, or the next class (the teacher in me had to toss that in).



– article by Todd Syswerda