Multiple Teams · The Difference Is…

Consider this more of a “sideline editorial,” a camera man’s personal take, whatever you want. But I think that in order to get down to what “The Difference” is, we may need to eliminate all the other, very obvious differences.

– The difference is NOT ONLY the scoreboard (which has been 30-40 points in our favor all year)
– The difference is NOT ONLY the physical strength or speed of our players (which is evident from a HUGE majority of the plays from scrimmage: both offensive and defensive)
– The difference is NOT ONLY our coach, his coaching staff, and their game strategy (which has proven effective over the course of many seasons)
– The difference is NOT ONLY how these same coaches teach our players and instruct them on what they should be doing (great insights and examples from all of them throughout each game)

No… in my humble opinion, a difference is how hungry this Eastbrook Panther Football Team consistently proves to be.  Even with all the obvious things above, these young men do not walk into a game assuming those differences will all simply click and as a team they will, again, stare at a scoreboard that tells everyone how they played.  I believe that they are on a mission to discover how good they can play, to discover their potential.  The chant we’ve been hearing – “CIC! CIC!” – is not just to pump everyone up but is the next step in the sights of this year’s Panther squad.

But even deeper than that, I believe THE DIFFERENCE is how these guys live out and demonstrate this mission.  Yes, the coaches can tell everyone to stay up or get excited, but it is the un-prompted excitement and internal encouragement (from the seniors and team leaders down to those who are experiencing Eastbrook football as a part of the team for the first time) that is proving to be a major edge, if not THE major edge.

The bottom line is we are witnessing a team of leaders and that not only gives me encouragement about this season but about the future of many of these young men and our communities.

Thank you, guys, for demonstrating that to all of us.  Now head down to BSU this Saturday and continue the mission.  We’re all behind you!


(article by Todd Syswerda)