This last week, Eastbrook football fans (and players) experienced a few “firsts” for this season:

– It was the first time we received the opening kickoff
– It was the first time we had a turnover in the opening series
– It was the first time we played in the rain this season (even if only for a short time)
– It was the first time we played another team with “Panthers” as its mascot

But despite these “firsts,” the Eastbrook Panthers played the kind of game that the Elwood Panthers feared.  Sure, Elwood came out fired up and tried to “hit first.”  But when THOSE Panthers couldn’t capitalize, our Panthers made them pay – AGAIN scoring 40+ points in the opening half; AGAIN punishing the opponent’s offense with a swarming and hard hitting defense; AGAIN allowing most of the Eastbrook football roster to play, thus giving valuable minutes to the Panther team of the future.

As we approach the mid-point of the regular season, we have a lot to celebrate! However, I’m sure the players and coaches are not going to rest on the successes of the first four games. This Friday is the start of all our county rivalries, and the Panthers will again be in black as Madison-Grant visits. Come out in your Panther gear, ready to support these guys. Rest your voices so you’re ready to scream and rest your arms so you can swing those cowbells!  Let’s show this county what “FEEL the Roar!!!” really means.


(article by Todd Syswerda)