Imagine staring across the ring at Mike Tyson, across the octagon at Ronda Rousey, across the floor at Lebron James.  In any of those situations, you realize there will not be surprises thrown your way, just the tried and true, the things that define these competitor’s success.

I imagine this was the feeling of the Norwell Knights last Friday night against our Eastbrook Panther football team.  Norwell had to know that the Panthers would swarm the ball on defense, that they would relentlessly attack on offense – running for 5 yards, 2 yards, 8 yards and then breaking a play for 20 either on the ground or in the air.  In these situations, as an opponent, one can only hope to contain…strike first and hope the experienced competitor makes a mistake or two.

Those mistakes rarely came as the Panthers opened the game with a solid defensive stop and then methodically moved down the field to score the first of many touchdowns.  It is doubtful that  any team has played the “perfect” football game but Eastbrook kept the mistakes to a minimum and capitalized on executing, on both sides of the ball, the things they have run day in and day out under the August sun.

It would be difficult to single out any aspect of this game as being the primary source of success as that list would need to include the entire team.  However, since the pre-season scrimmage, I must highlight the defensive secondary as making the biggest improvements.  They seemed to be in position on almost any pass attempt made the Knights and broke up a great number of the Knights’ hopes throughout the game.

If you attend an Eastbrook Panther football game this season, you will be in for a treat, one that includes Panther style, smash mouth football – oh, and cowbells.